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How can I connect PC and Ethernet DAQ?

I want to connect PC and Ethernet DAQ (NI 9239 + NI cDAQ-9181)


But, NI DAQmx cannot find and add them


it connect to my pc by ethernet cable directly


IP Address is auto setting


My PC OS is Windows 7(+ visual studio 2013), so i tried NI-DAQmx version 19.5 to 20.1


but dose not work...


please help me


sorry about my english skill

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@mushmush wrote:

IP Address is auto setting

Without a DHCP server, then the cDAQ is will likely use a default IP address.  You will need to make sure your Ethernet port works with that same subnet as the cDAQ.  This is one of the reasons I prefer to use fixed IP addresses.  A quick solution for you may be to simple router, which have built in DHCP servers, to connect between your cDAQ and PC.

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