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Help with myDAQ I2C interfacing

Hello everyone, 


I am currently working on a project with myDAQ and labVIEW. I am trying to interface with a sensor that uses I2C interfacing protocol via the myDAQ. I believe labVIEW has a library for I2C interfacing, but I was wondering is the myDAQ will support I2C interfacing.


Please let me know if you have any experience with this and what you recommend. 


Also, let me know if there are any tutorials, examples etc for how to do I2C interfacing with the myDAQ and labVIEW. 




Best Regards, 


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It would help your cause if you posted in the right board (Multifunction DAQ board).  I already asked the moderator to move this thread.  This board is the Feedback on NI Discussion Forums.  This board is for issues on the forums themselves.

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