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Has anyone been able to communicate via SPI from a DAQ card?

I have been tasked to set up a test system communicating with an A to D (Analog to Digital) converter. The converter has been selected, and it communicates via SPI.

I have LabVIEW 6.1 on my PC, and I have a 6062E PCMCIA card, and a 6031E PCI card available. Other hardware may be considered based on price and availability.

I looked through earlier forum questions, and the knowledge base, and did not see any recent items on this topic.

So, does anyone have any recent experience setting up SPI via a DAQ card?
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Hello Jeff,

Communicating via SPI using DAQ will only be possible with DAQ Boards which have hardware timed DIO, which means E Series Boards will not work as they are software timed DIOs. So you would need high speed DIO boards like 6533 or 6534. Having said that, you need to check the compatibilities for voltage levels, rise and fall times.

-Arun V
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After reading the answer from Sunrays (thank you), the question has been updated. Has anyone been able to communicate via SPI and the 6533 or 6534 DAQ boards?
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