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Getting Started: Programming stimulus for rotational chair using Manufacturer Controller



I am a PhD student and and as part of my research, I am looking to program a custom stimulus using MATLAB that interfaces with a rotational chair. The chair controller contains a chair servo amplifier, control logic, safety controls, power switches, and a computer interface. The manufacturer software provides preset sinusoidal acceleration at different frequencies and peak velocities, however, I would like to program a custom motion stimulus using MATLAB that interfaces with this particular controller. I understand that I would most likely need a data acquisition device from National Instruments that communicates with MATLAB and the chair. However, I am unsure which device I should get. Technical information for the chair controller is reflected below:


Chair Controller model 720R-820R 

-Linear Servo Amplifier 

-Model 720R: 110-130VAC @ 900VA

-Model 820R: 220-240VAC @900VA


Does anyone out there have any insight on which DAQ device I would need to send and receive data to and from the chair controller. Any advice would be extremely helpful. 


Thank you in advance. 

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I'll need some more information to help you out with this question. Could you supply datasheets for the controllers you're using? Also, are you expecting analog or digital outputs from these controllers?

Lindsey Nestor
Program Manager, Hardware Services
National Instruments
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