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Generate and Control square wave by using USB-6002

I want to design a hardware that I press a start button then TRIG signal is generated at rising edge and when I press stop button then RST signal is generated and also turned off the TRIG signal.

Kindly help me to this.

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You can find LabVIEW examples as below and use it.

Example Path: Help >>Find Examples... 


I assume you are doing Analog Input with the Trigger signal. 

You can set Rising Edge to Trigger Input as below



You can connect Digital signal wire to PFI port and set the PFI port number to Source. 

For the digital signal, you can use and modify digital output examples. You can find it with the same way above.

If you want to do Analog output with a trigger signal, you also can use an example under the same location.


Here is the snipet for your application.(This is the same as provided in the path : Hepl >> Find Examples...)


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