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Firmware Version of USB-6001 OEM

Hi all,


We met a small but tricky problem here. Our quality team want to confirm the firmware version of NI DAQ USB-6001 OEM (PN: 154643C-03L). But after going through almost all related documents from NI website, we couldn't find any information about firmware version of this product.


Really appreciate any help of this.




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Hi Yun,


Can you give some additional clarification on what they are using this for?


In addition, as this question may contain information that is not released publicly, you may want to open a Service Request for this topic. If you are a member of our Standard Service Program, you can speak with one of our Technical Support Engineers and get that information, if it can be released to you.



Claire C.
AppSW Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Claire,


Sorry for the late reply.


Actually, we don't need to access the content of the firmware, we just want to make a record for its firmware version number. Our quality team needs this number for quality control.


And I have confirmed with your support team that we just have basic support, so I am not able to talk to your technical engineers. 


If the relative information is confidential, we are all set now.

And thanks a lot for your help and information.






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Hi Claire,


Sorry to bother again.


We wonder whether the revision number of the product (the current revision number is C) would change when the firmware version updates. We just want to know a method by which we can keep track of the firmware version update.


Thanks in advance.




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