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Error while connection the DAQ navi with USB-4761

Hello LabVIEW users, 


I am new with DAQ navi assistant. My goal is to control the 12V DC relay through usb-4761. The usb driver has been installed successfully and I have tested the usb-4761; using Advantech navigator and it works fine. 


I have successfully setup the DAQ navi assistant in a while loop in order to switch on three outputs of usb-4761.(Refer to attached file for screenshot) However, after clicking the 'Run' button, Its shows an error "error- 536870891 occurred at'

possible reasons: The required device does not exist. "


Can anyone please share how I can tackle this problem.







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Hi Singh_Chahal,


This problem seems related to the installation of the driver. Follow the 2 documents below for reference:


Also, as this device is from Avantech from what I understand, you could post on their forums as they might have more experience with this.




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Hi PedroR, 

Thanks for sharing these links! The system used is in the campus so some permissions were required. 


Thanks though! 



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