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Error -225201 occured at DAQmx Start


I'm getting this error while running my program.

please help.

before this the program was running perfectly.

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l already installed with latest driver which is DAQmx 9.9.

now different error appear 😞


Error -89130 occurred at DAQmx Start


Possible reason(s):


Device not available for routing.  It is possible that the device needs to be reset or that the device is being reset.


If you are resetting the device, wait for the reset to complete.


For example, if you have used the device through Traditional NI-DAQ, you must reset the device before the requested route can be made.  For SCXI devices, you must reset the communicator DAQ device. Call the Traditional NI-DAQ Device Reset VI or the Init_DA_Brds function. To reset all devices in Traditional NI-DAQ, right-click the Traditional NI-DAQ Devices folder in MAX and select Reset Driver for Traditional NI-DAQ.


Task Name: DO

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