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Error -200288 occurred at DAQmx Write

Hi all I get this error

Error -200288 occurred at DAQmx Write

Possible reason(s):

Attempted to write a sample beyond the final sample generated. The generation has stopped, therefore the sample specified by the combination of position and offset will never be available.

Specify a position and offset which selects a sample up to, but not beyond, the final sample generated. The final sample generated can be determined by querying the total samples generated after a generation has stopped.

Attempted to Write Sample: 5001
Property: RelativeTo
Corresponding Value: Current Write Position
Property: Offset
Corresponding Value: 0

Task Name: Output


whe i write the second time a wafeform to the analog output

How can I fix this problem ?

Any help





LabVIEW 2009 SP1

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Hi Jürgen,


what hardware are you using? What are your channel settings in MAX? And what is your value for the control "Zeit ( sec )"?

Please have a look at the code I attached.



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Thanks for your help

It brought me on the right track

Now it is working with small problem

when I start the waveform a second time with the same time nothing is happend but when I change the time a bit then it works again fine


Zeit are in secund


I am using LabVIEW  2009 SP1

USB 6215

I define the task in my INIT.VI



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Can you show your updated code and explain what "change the time a bit" means?

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Hi See the attachment


Call the VITest.VI and run the VI

Press the button "Messung dynamisch"  motor is running

then press the button again mot is doing nothing and no error

then change the in the control "Zeit (sec) " the time to 5 and press the button "Messung dynamisch" motor is running again


So when you change the in the control "Zeit (sec) " then the motor is running


I hope that's explain it



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One thing that I see is that you need to change the tunnel on the read analog task to a shift register. Connect the task on both sides.



In the top loop the wait is not required since you are using the event structure.



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