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Error -200284 occurred at DAQ Assistant

Dear all,

I meet error 200284 when using DAQ assistant. I am writing a very simple VI to read signals of 5 channels. This VI used to work well. The error just came out in recent days. I can still use the NI MAX to see the measured signal, but I can not use the VI to read the data.

I changed the value of sampling rate but the problem is still there. I also checked other possible solutions to it from Why Do I Get Error -200284 from my DAQmx Read VI? but they do not solve this error.

Could anyone help me with this problem? Your help wis greatly appreciated!


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I just tested your VI and it runs just fine for me. What device are you using?


I see you are using continuous acquisition in the DAQ assistant and on demand acquisition in the test panels. What happens if you try continuous in the test panels?


Also, are you using an internal or external clock reference? (it might depend on the first question answer).



Camilo V.
National Instruments
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