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E series vs S series boards and code

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I have inherited a project that uses the PCI 6133 board. The code I found expects a tESeries C++ class in a target application (indicating "AIEX3.cpp" and "AIIRQ2.cpp" in header comments), whereas we have a tSSeries class defined in code that is apparently auto generated. In searching this site, I found a document for major differences between E, M and X series. My understanding is that the 6133 board is S-series. 

So I'm stuck with wondering what the differences are, how the code was generated, and why E series rather than S series code. It is possible that what I have found is a snapshot before the developer had anything complete. I appear also to be missing a "tDIO.h" file.

The previous developer did not keep documentation, or a code revision control system. Our system runs QNX.

Help greatly appreciated.

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Based on what you've described, that sounds like the NI Measurements Hardware DDK. ("aiexN.cpp" is the filename convention for examples, and it includes tESeries and tSSeries wrappers.) 

Brandon Streiff ·
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Thank you. I have successfully compiled the MHDDK examples found. It does not find the PCI card, but maybe there's something else I have to do. If I can't resolve that issue I will create a new discussion.

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