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Disable "Resetting VI: USB-92xx Bulk" message?


I want to use the NI USB-6009 device for continously acquiring digital triggered (PFIO0) analog input samples (like an oscilloscope) using Labview 8.2  (Linux version) and daqmxbase. I have written a VI which basically works fine, but a small message window "Resetting VI: USB-92xx Bulk" sporadically appears (~1/sec) for a very short time (<0,5sec) in my left upper monitor corner.
The VI creates a task and starts acquiring a finite amount of samples from analog input triggered by PFIO0 (digital). In order to start a new acquisition, I have to stop and restart the task. This seems to cause the window flickering, which steals the input focus and prevents entering data into the UI. Is there a way to turn this off? Or a different way to code this vi?

(I have attached a screenshot of a test vi)


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You've got a false constant wired to the while loop's conditional terminal. The only way to stop this VI is with the Abort Execution button on the toolbar. This button should never be used in normal operation to stop a VI. Use a front panel Boolean wired to the terminal.
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