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Direct replacement for DAQ-6062-E

I am currently using a DAQ-6062-E card for my application. This card uses a PCMCIA slot. I am looking for a direct replacement will minimal updates to my .vi. Does anyone know of a current DAQcard model that would be a direct replacement?

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You can easily find a USB replacement and one is mentioned on the product page. Harder will be your software since it probably uses the obsolete traditional DAQ driver. Your VI needs to be rewritten do that it can run with a current os.
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Thanks for your response. I agree that the USB choice is pretty straightforward but my main concern is with the software. When updating a vi to be used with a new DAQ is it as easy as drop the new DAQdriver into the vi where the old one was and everything will function as before or are the software changes more extensive?


It sounds like from your response that the software changes would be extensive... I am just trying to get a feel for the scope of the software change so I can do some work planning.

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The software changes can be quite extensive. The DAQmx functions are not a simple one for one replacement. See
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