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Difficulty configuring Array microphone using NI-9215 and MAX

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Hello All, 

             Apologies in advance for the stupid question.

As stated above, I'm having some difficulty configuring a G.R.A.S. Array Microphone Type 40PH though my N1-9215 DAQ. When I attempt to assign a global virtual channel its telling me "no supported devices found" when attempting to configure as a sound pressure sensor.


I can set it up as a voltage analog device, but the readings I get from it are nonsense, its just white noise that doesn't react to sound differences at all.


I fear I have missed something basic!


Apologies if this is on the wrong discussion board.


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Seems like your mics needs a IEPE input, that your 9215 doesn't support.

Use a DAQ that supports IEPE inputs with a current meeting the requirement of 2mA,

or use a signal conditioner between your mics and the voltage input of your 9215 that provide a IEPE (or CCLD or CCP or ICP or Deltatron.... or  however the company name it ;)) 


Look in box if you find a conditioner or another DAQ 😄


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