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DAQmx with Heidenhain IK220

Hi everyone!


I've a heidenhain ik220 counter card, connected to two heidenhain MT12 sensors. i installed the drivers provided by Heidenhain. My OS is W7x64. With example apps i can connect and get values from sensors without problems, but i tried using DAQmx assistent (integrated on VS2012, with NI Measurement Studio) without sucess. In assistent, when a choose the signals, in hardware listbox appears "ni-daq no supported devices found". Maybe NI software does not support IK220?


I have NI Device Drivers Aug13 installed too.


Waiting for feedback,


Rúben Jerónimo 

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Hi there,


Thanks to post on NI forums.


Since the ki220 is not an NI board, DAQmx will not support it. Sounds logical. Now, if you are looking for some examples and starting point

for your application, you should first look at the manual provided by the vendor :


User's Manual


Here you'll find example, software API function etc.


Hope that help.



Victor F. | Systems Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer | Certified TestStand Architect
National Instruments Budapest

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