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DAQmx Digital Out

Being new to all of this, I'm somewhat confused as to setting up the digital output on a DAQ-6281.  I need to generate a single bit pulse, relatively fast ( 2uS ).


Within TestStand, I'm using DAQ Assistant selecting N Samples mode, 3 samples, and the resulting VI it generates is expecting a LabViewDigitalWaveform array for its input.  What's confusing is the meaning of the sub-members of this array and how I'd fill them in to achieve the afore mentioned 2uS pulse ( or other desired durations ).


If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.



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The sub members of the waveform array depends on the number of signals that conform the graph, but basically most of the waveforms arrays have a value for "X", "Y" and dt. For the generation of a digital pulse you can look for an example in the NI Example Finder, which you can access from LabView main windows or in the Help icon in the Toolbar from an open vi. The example is named Gen Dig Pulse; in this example they use the DAQmx Create Channel configured with CO Pulse Frequency (Counter Output Pulse Frequency), For your application you should configure it with Counter Output Pulse Time. This will allow you to defined the high and low time of the pulse.

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