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DAQ NI 9178

Hi everyone. I am new user on Labview software. I have a problem about DAQ NI 9178. My DAQ don't appear on the tree NI MAX or Labview express. See the picture in attchament. I changed the cable, I changed the port on PC and I installed Labview in my PC again, but don't solve. Can anyone help me? I need to install any drive that it don't be on CD labview? 

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Hi Daniel,


I suggest you download NI DAQmx driver-- make sure it complies with the version of your LabView software. In case you already have the driver on your PC, uninstall and install it once again. Don't forget to restart your computer afterwards.


Also check out this link, might prove useful since you are experiencing the same series identifier: NI USB DAQ Device Not Identified Correctly In NI MAX - NI


Reach out as necessary,



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