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DAQ Assistant Express VI Users - We want to hear from you!

Have you recently used the DAQ Assistant Express VI in LabVIEW? We want to hear from you about your experience.


I'm Kayla, the Product Manager for NI-DAQmx, and we are looking for feedback on the DAQ Assistant Express VI.


If you've used this feature recently and would like to share your experience, please reach out to me via private messages and we can work to set up a call.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I created a simple DAQmx test .vi. It worked back in April. I was able to "see" and trend the temperature measured by an actual thermocouple immersed in water.


Now, I don't have the NI hardware connected anymore. When I open the .vi and right-click on the DAQ Assistant block and select properties, the DAQ Assistant window opens up and everything freezes. The "Channel Settings" panel is empty. Nothing responds, not even the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. Windows' Task Manager does not show anything abnormal (LabVIEW 21.0 Development System (32-bit) and AF_NiAssistant (32-bit) running).


I am running Windows 10 with 32 GB RAM.


Any suggestions?

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