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DAQ-653X handshaking mode in C

Hello all,
I'm new on this forum, I'm a student working on a PCI-DIO-32HS. I have to work in C with Visual Studio, and to use the handshaking mode.
I'm looking for documentation and examples because I'm a little in troubles just with the user manual and the NI-DAQ C Reference Guide.
All is well with reading and writing samples on ports but I need to wait a request from a device to change what I'm writing. I tried to use the DAQmxCfgBurstHandshakingTimingExportClock function (I got an example in this post id=231& but I always get an error :
DAQmx Error: Requested value is not a supported value for this property.
Property: DAQmx_Buf_Output_BufSize
Requested Value: 1
Intermediate Buffer Size Increment: 2
Task Name: NameOfMyTask
Status Code: -200077
If anyone know what's wrong or have a detailed documentation on the handshaking mode, please help me !
Vergnolle G.
P.S. : sorry for my English, I'm French!
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I found the problem, it was not in the DAQmxCfgBurstHandshakingTimingExportClock function which I changed to DAQmxCfgHandshakingTiming, but it was the numSampsPerChan in my DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 function I had to pass to 2 or more.

I think this is not the right place for my post, so I wrote a new post in the Digital I/O part

Vergnolle G.

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