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Constant Analog Output Voltage

I am trying to run a motor  using my PC so i need to assign a Constant analog output voltage. How can i do that in Labview 8.0? I have an M series DAQboard so i can't use any traditional blocks, it has to be express Vi's or DAQmx.
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You can use the DAQmx Write with it set up as Analog Output/Single Channel/Single Sample/DBL and just write the value out.
Randall Pursley
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Hi Chady,

you can use this VI(DAQmx)




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That Vi you sent, will only send a pulse voltage, but i need it to be a constant like a step voltage.
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I think it did that because he clears the task at the end.  Try this modification of that vi.  I added a loop that will keep the vi going until you hit the stop button.  Then the task will clear.
Randall Pursley
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As randall has shown, putting the DAQmx write inside the while loop will do the job
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