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Connect multiple USB DAQ to a single PC

I am building a test box for some of our field service technicians that requires 16 analog inputs.  Since we have about eight USB-6008 boards sitting around I thought I would try to use two of these before buying a new board.  Is there a programatical way to designate which board gets tag/ID 0 and which gets 1?  The code that I am building will need to be an executable and all 16 inputs are discrete and completely different analog scales, therefore, I need to ensure that each specific board is tagged appropriately by the PC.


Is the ID usually designated based on order of connection to the PC?  Can I create a loop in the program that basic operates until it recognizes both USB plugs have been connected and will not let the main loop take off until this happens.  I could even program it so that the user has to verify that the LED blinks on the correct DAQ board when a button is pressed.  Sort of a verification of the correct boards.  If order is necessary and I can build a "check" loop, then I think I can just specify a USB cable A and B or 1 and 2 and have them plug one in at a time and look for a light on the PC then plug the second in.  Then have them press a button on the program front panel that will flash the LED on the DAQ board just as a double check that 1 is 1 and 2 is 2.  Then use a thrid button to submit/verify and start main loop.


Is all of this possible?

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The first DAQ that's ever connected gets Dev1.

The next one gets Dev2.

Then Dev3, Dev4... and so on.


You can change any of these names through MAX.

It doesn't even have to be a "Dev#" - You can make it any string you want, numbers and letters.

You can also delete Dev's through MAX.


Multiple DAQs are not a problem.


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