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Configure 6001

I would like to configure a USB 6001 to receive input from AI0-AI7.  I have no problem using MAX (ver 15.0.1) to test the ability to receive the AI inputs on those ports; i.e. I can see my signals in MAX.  Now I would like to configure the 6001 to receive those inputs without the MAX tool; i.e. use the 6001 to bring those inputs into MATLAB via USB.  I have a USB 6009 which I currently use for this function; that is, it is configured to receive input from AI0-AI7 when power is applied to the device. 


My problem is that I don't see how I can configure the 6001 in the same way that I can configure the 6009.  I have uploaded my MAX screenshots showing that the 6009 device properties menu shows a 'Configure TEDS...' option, while the 6001 device properties menu does not include that option.


Is this even possible with the 6001?

6009 - MAX device object properties.png6001 - MAX device object properties.jpg

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Is there possible to you try to create a task in Acquire Signal select the option TEDs, just to see if you can see the sensor there.

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