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Cannot see connected DAQ with nilsdev


I am using a USB 6361 DAQ with some example C code I got from the NI website on my ubuntu 18.04 laptop. I have installed the static firstlook repo package for the Ubuntu 18.04 and then installed the listed packages on this page with the sudo apt install command. I have an ATI F/T sensor connected to the DAQ and the DAQ is connected to my laptop via USB. But the "nilsdev" command returns nothing and I cannot run any C code without getting a device error. What might be the reason for this? How can I make sure that the devices are recognized properly?

Thanks in advance

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Hello dear  demirarikan,

Do you have NI-KAL installed on your system? NI-KAL interfaces between the Linux kernel and NI driver software or application software installed on your machine which has to be compatible with the Linux distribution and version that you are using. If you don't have it, it should be the issue why you are getting errors.

Also Did you try running The checks recommended (including verifying the kernel files from
the 'messages' log, and running 'lspci -vv') ?


A. Shakhkyan,
National Instruments.

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