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Cannot change device number on M-series (6251) device.

I am replacing an E-series card with the new M-series. The problem I have is on the old E-series I was able to change the device number through the measurement & automation explorers "Traditional NI-Daq Devices". I cannot do this with the M-series because traditional NI-Daq does not support this device and I do not know how to do this in NI-DAQmx. I am using the same code on many machines so I do not want to change the code.
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The steps to changing the device number with NI-DAQmx are similar to those of Traditional (Legacy) NI-DAQ.  Find the device under NI-DAQmx Devices in MAX, and right-click the device.  Choose "Rename".  However, you might have a bigger problem than being able to change the device number.  As you pointed out, M Series devices are supported by NI-DAQmx only.  So, if your existing code was written with Traditional (Legacy) NI-DAQ, then it will not work with your M Series devices.  You probably want to look into that.
-Alan A.
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Here are a few links that might be helpful in making the transition to DAQmx.  Also, you can convert your global channels from Traditional DAQ to virtual channels in DAQmx using a conversion utility that is provided in Measurement and Automation Explorer.

Using DAQ Assistant to generate code

Transition from Traditional DAQ to DAQmx
Hope this is helpful!!
-Jeff P
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