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Callback for Config_ATrig_Event_Message in VB6


I am relatively new to Natinst products but I have some experience in
programming high speed DAQ in DOS embedded environment.

I am trying to make VB application for one of our measuring equipment
product using DAQCard-500. I was able without any problems to use the
"ATRIG EVENT" ActiveX control from NI but I need a more deterministic time
for triggering than a Microsoft Windows event message. So I am trying to
make the same using a callback function.
It started to work but after "solving" some minor thing I am stuck because
both the Visula Studio 6 Enetrprise etc. development environment and the
compiled program goes south right after the 10th trigger pulse. For the
first 9 everything is fine.

anyone have any experience in this???

I would greatly appreciate if there was somebody I could turn to with this


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