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CDAQ - Connection between the module NI9237 and the chassis


 I’m using C-DAQ NI 9237 module with Signal Express to get some results from several strain gages. Some strain gages are too far from the module and I only read noise!To avoid this situation I tried to install the NI 9237 near the strain gages and introduce an intermediate DB-15 cable for the connection between the module and the CDAQ with about 30 meters long in order to have digital signal instead of a voltage signal. The cable has 15 wires (all active) and shielded. Unfortunately it’s not working! Can you point me any mistake? Thanks a lot!  Regards, Diogo Ribeiro.
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Hi Diogo,


CompactDAQ does not support using a cable between the module and the chassis.  30 meters is quite a long way!  One possible solution might be to use 5 meter USB cables and connect several USB hubs, though you're limited to something like 5 hubs, depending on your setup.



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