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Broken 6024E replacement ideas ?


I have a system which uses an NI-6024E card inserted in a PCI slot. The system have been built arount 10 years ago or so.

The system is broken and I've been ask to make it work again.
It turns out that one of the digital output is broken (without load it outputs 3V or so regardless of the PC commands and with some 10k resistor it falls to GND). Even the +5V steady voltge output seems to be out of order as it outputs 4.6V with a load of 30 mA.
Building a 5V source is not  problem, but the broken digital output is a problem as all the other outputs are already engaged (even two analog outputs used as digital outputs).

So I thought about getting an additional module with some digital outputs and by drilling a hole in the box (the shape of the system is a metal enclosure) bringing the wires inside.
Another idea is getting an NI-6221 (the replacement of the 6024E which is out of production) which seems pin-to-pin compatible.

I am wodering about how painful is to port the software to the new board. The Labview software uses tasks which are configured with NI MAX.


I have another issue for that system. The Labview used is version 7.1

Should I tanslate the Labview code to latest version of Labview ? How painful and how rewarding is this process ?


What do you suggest ? Thanks


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look into some hardware repository I found a rather dusty board which almost look as a 6024E replacement.
Given the board is not broken itself (I wouldn't bet), it look similar the 6024E.

On the PCB the only meaningful text is "PCI-MIO-16E-4"  which I found by googling in the NI site is the 6040E.

The pinout looks the same and even the features looks similar.

Giving that the application doesn't require any quick signal (polling the signals every 100ms is fine), and the most demaning signal is a 20kHz variable duty cycle square wave, do you think  I can try the replacement without much surprise ?


Thanks again for every comment.

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I replaced the 6024E with an old 6040E.

Everything seems to work fine, no software adjustment was required.


That's all. Smiley Happy

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