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Amplify Output Signal of NI9265, 960mW@600Ω



We want to amplify the output current of our DAC in order to drive the phase shifters on the TripleX chip. Output specifications of the currently used DACs (current modules):


fmax = 100 kHz (max sampling freq. Of DAC)

Umax = 12 V

Imax = 20 mA

  • Pmax = 240 mW


Desired output after the current amplifier:

fmax = 150 kHz (50 kHz safety)

RL = 600 Ohm (load resistance)

Umax > 25 V

Imax > 40 mA

  • Pmax = 960 mW (@600 Ohm)

I was thinking to use an OPAMP


Does someone know wich one will fit the best?


Cheers rza

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if output should be +- 25V :


SE :


didn't check the lead time 😉


Greetings from Germany

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Hi Henrik,


thanks a lot!


Greetings from Germany to Germany 😉

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