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Accessing NI USB 621X wireless and info on the cDAQ-9171 chassis

Hi there guys.

I have some questions for you 🙂

Anyone tried a USB Wireless device server like the Silex SX-DS-3000WN (802.11n wireless usb device server) or similar products, with any of the multifuncion NI USB-6210/6211/6212/6215/6216 daq boards to transfer the data wireless?

Since i need to transfer the data by wireless (4 analog inputs differentials, 2 counters) and i need a small and compact acquisition board (i like the cDAQ-9171 chassis but unluckily there is only one slot, and the modules that can be used with it have only analog inputs OR digital inputs and since i need 4ai plus 2counters this cant be used).

I've read that the cDAQ-9171 chassis has 4 counter/timers but those arent accessible in combination with an analog module like the NI 9201 right?


Thanks in advance


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can anyone confirm me that the cdaq-9171 chassis need a digital module for read the counter ?


Thanks in advance


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Hello Ierman,


what do you mean when you say "the 4 counters are not accessible in combination with an analog module like the NI 9201"?

You can use these 4 counters/timers for an implicit edges counting, configuring one of them for counting the number of edges.

You can find some examples of edge-counting in LabVIEW examples.

You can also use an analog module for reading a square wave and use the examples for reading the number of edges.


I hope my answer helped you.


Kind regards.




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