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6353 towards 6343 = trigger disappearance


I was using a NI6353 card for generation and acquisition of synchronized signals. The trigger was managed by listening to PFI0 to which the configured output p0.0 was connected.
Now I just replaced the 6353 by a new 6343 board and of course changed the routing in the application. But now there is no trigger. Just one pulse and it stops. Nothing else has been changed !


Does someone know where can be the problem? Is there differencies on these channel's behavior between these devices?




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Both boards seem to be part of the 63xx X-series family of MIO boards.  As such, I'd be very surprised if they had substantial differences with regard to support for timing and triggering signals.


Can you post your code and provide a more complete description of your app and your signal wiring?




-Kevin P

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