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5 volt output terminal accuracy specification USB X series

Is there an accuracy (and noise) specification for the 5 volt power output terminal on the USB X series ?  On the USB-6343, that terminal is on pin 96.  If the device to device variation is small enough, I am interested in using it to power external measurement circuitry (< 100 mA).




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Hi Steve,


This is actually something we have noticed and have filed to be spec'd in the documentation.   From speaking with R&D, "The 5v rail is derived from the external supply and is accurate to +/- 5% (+/- .25 V)."  


Hope this is what you're looking for, have a great day!




Kyle S

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Is there a long term specification for the 5V output drift vs. time (one month, one year) ?

Also vs. temperature ?


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