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"Evaluation version" problem

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Hi jrolston,
Ah well then the behavior you are seeing makes complete sense. If those registry keys are not there, then you will be in evaluation mode. So now the question is, what caused them to be deleted. Those registry keys should not be created when you install VS 2008 support since we don't have C++ support right now. Which means that somehow during the upgrade process, those keys were deleted.  To give you a direct solid answer, I would need to look at our installer source to see what we are doing. I'll review our installer to see if something is incorrect and let you know what I find.
If that workaround I mentioned doesn't work, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Jonathan N.
National Instruments
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Great!  Reinstalling Meas Studio for Vis Studio 2005 with C++ support did the trick!
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