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Using NationalInstruments.Tdms in .net 5?

Hello guys,

I'm currently trying to use the Tdms assembly in my .net 5. project, the problem is when i try to use the assembly i get following exception.


Is there actually a way to use the Tdms assembly in dot net 5 or are you guys also facing this issue? 

I have already tried to add the System.Web assembly manually to my project but that doesn't make any difference. 

With .Net Framework i'm not getting this exception.


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Needed to recreate 9 Projects with .Net Framework to get it running.

I hope NI will add .net core support soon, as .net core released since 2016 now. 

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I have similar issue when try to use NI network variable in .NET 6 based ASP.NET Core web application. This code is OK in the old .NET 4.8 framework.




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sorry for the late replay, but I think the easiest way to get it running, is using the .Net Framework, if that is not possible for yourproject, you might be able to create a little .Net Framework 4.8 console application that will be called by the .Net 6 Web Application and writes the Network Variables to an text file.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. Our application runs in .NET 4.8 at the moment. That is no problem.


Yes, I can make a wrapper around .NET 6 incompatible stuff.

Or maybe NI Network variable can be replaced by gRPC:


We use DAQmx and other NI libraries in many projects so there is a long way until everything runs on .NET 6. 😉

BR, Ilkka

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If all you are doing is reading TDMS files in .NET 6, I have a free and open-source library just for that: While it is written in F#, it can be called from C# as if it were C# code. Alternatively, the free and open-source targets .NET Standard 2.0 and will therefore work on .NET 5 and 6. Support for reading DAQmx data or writing TDMS files is not in either library yet, but if you have a need for it, please create an issue on the respective GitHub pages and I will have a look.

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Thank you, that's good to know. Actually I need to write data to TDMS files. But I managed to use the NI TDMS dll, as I converted my projects to .Net Framework.


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