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Multiple plot charts and interface to LabView

Good afterrnoon!


I currently have a LabView charting VI which allows me to monitor live data in a configurable number of strip-charts.  I'd like to replace it with something more capable and more modern, but am not sure what direction to take.  I'm thinking that measurement studio (Enterprise edition) would be a good choice for creating the graphical portion of the data viewer (Multiple strip charts with multiple plots in each, each chart representing a common axis type such as force, position, etc..).


Not having ever used measurement studio (I have it, just never used it), I have a few questions:


  • First, is this a good idea?  That is, to use measurement studio to create the graphical front end with a LabView executable as the data source?
  • What is the best approach for passing data from the LabView exec to the measurement studio exec (Many chart streams.  Up to hundreds of streams).  I would like to reuse as much of my existing back-end as possible (Currently using multiplot master being fed from network streams coming from my realtime PXIe chassis).
  • Can private data streams be created between the LabView exec and the Measurement Studio exec (Eg: Loopback interface"?  Both executables would be running on the same physical machine.

Thanks for any suggestions,




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