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Multi-Module with multi rate analog acquisition


I am new to NI instruments and I have a problem in data acquisition.

I have cDAC-9185 with two NI-9215 modules. Each module should read data at provided frequencies(dynamically provided, sometimes may be with same frequency and may differ. eg: both modules with 96K or one module with 96K and other with 48K) and I created 2 tasks to handle this and writing to 2 files . But, data is not synchronized between the tasks. I see 100ms of delay in the acquisition. I see multiple documentations but all are in labview.  I am looking for c# coding samples to handle this. Can anyone help me to solve this. Much appreciated. 

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There are several things to implement when you want to synchronize data acquisition:
1- Use the same internal StartTrigger signal for both tasks.

2- Use a shared clock for both tasks.

3- Configure the slave (the device receiving a clock signal or trigger) as to run before the master device begins. To do so, use a flat sequence for the master’s DAQmx Start Task, and by merging the error out of the slave’s start with the error out of the task prior the master’s start.

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