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Generate Custom Input Signals For Unit Testing Purposes



I'm looking to perform some automated unit testing in my application, by generating custom input signals (analog and digital) that simulate my application.  I have a USB-6001 DAQ.


For example, I want to generate a "happy path" test that passes when the voltage rises from 0 to 4.5v.  The failing test would be that it exceeds 4.5v.  


I'm using C# .NET, but I haven't seen many examples of generating signals to accomplish this type of task.  


Can anyone lead me to an example of this type of signal generation that I can then read in on my analog and digital inputs?


Unfortunately, a virtual device doesn't seem to work as I need to generate custom signals.


Many thanks,




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Has anyone had success with the above? 👆

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Is this possible to do in software?


I would rather not have to send in an external voltage signal for testing. 

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