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how to setup Ni visa with remote system

Hi this is my first post.I wan to know how to setup Ni visa server so that another computer can connect to that server and access the camera.I tried putting in my Ip adress as the host but it gives me this error
viFindRsrc returned 0xBFFF00A7 (The remote machine does not exist or is not accepting any connections. If the NI-VISA server is installed and running on the remote machine, it may have an incompatible version or may be listening on a different port.)
Please make sure the VISA server is running on the remote machine and that both this machine and the remote machine are plugged into the network.
Possible causes for this error:
1. The remote machine name may be incorrectly specified (either the name was misspelled or the wrong IP address was typed in).
2. The remote machine may not be turned on.
3. The VISA server  has not been started on the remote machine.
4. The VISA server was started but is either suspended or is no longer running on the remote machine.
5. Either the local machine or the remote machine is not connected to the network.
6. There is a network configuration problem, such as an improperly assigned IP address, an incorrectly configured routing table, or a firewall between the local and remote machine.
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Some obvious things would be to follow the troubleshooting advise in the error, if you haven't already.  I set up a test system here, and encountered the same error, but was able to get it resolved.  First thing I would make sure that the same version of NI-VISA is installed on both computers and the VISA server is running on both.  To connect to the other computer I opened Measurement & Automation Explorer and created a new Remote VISA System.  I used the IP address of the other computer and the default port.  It may be easier to use the computer name.  Finally to get everything set up I needed to add myself as able to access the other computer by setting the security settings (Tools >> NI-VISA > VISA Options).  After these steps I was able to access the VISA devices on the other computer.  Hope this helps!
Andy F.
National Instruments
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  I am having this NI VISA problem and I had read all possible threads about this NI VISA setup . I am using PXIe1082 chassis having PXIe-8135 and a few PXIe subcards. In the 8135 everything seen fine. But when now i want to remote it using ethernet, it is just detect the subcards. 


Please help. Thanks



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