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Hi all,
We just got a 3D ultrasound machine, which has a nice feature to push the acquired dicom digital images through the network. We tried to use Osirix that was configured to listen to the network for incoming dicom images, and it worked. But because Osirix is only available on a mac, we would like to explore other options. Anyone knows if Labview has such a capability?  We integrated all our instrumentations using Labview.
Thanks very much.
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LabVIEW has no native DICOM capability.  Any DICOM communication would have to be done using the low level communication vi’s in LabVIEW.  Once the images were retrieved, some additional logic would be necessary to get the DICOM images into an IMAQ Image type for processing.

I did a quick search on Google, and came across a couple of resources for you.

The DICOM Standard – This site contains a wealth of information on the DICOM file format and protocol.

Medical Connections DICOMObjects Examples – This site has a lot of different DICOM code examples, written for a large variety of environments.  There is actually a library written for LabVIEW about halfway down the page that was submitted by a user on the site.  You may be able to start with this library and build onto your application from there.  (I also attached the library to this post in case the link breaks in the future or something of that sort).

I imagine there are other libraries and third party toolkits out there to meet your needs as well.  You may be able to find them with a bit more searching or through another forum user kind enough to post to this thread 🙂.

Luke H

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My apologies if I wasn't clear.  My need is not to read or process the incoming DICOM image.  But rather, to be able to get the image data through the network connected to the ultrasound machine (that sends out the data).  One the data (whatever format DICOM may have) is retreived at the computer, I can just use Matlab script embedded in the Labview program for further processing. At least this is what I envision now.  Any other tips then? Thanks.
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I will submit a product suggestion for future DICOM protocol support in LabVIEW, but for now there's not much out there other than  low level communication commands.

Luke H
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