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Sychronization btw Camera and DAQ

Dear sir,


This is my first post and I introduce myself as a newbie with LabView, but I hope I can get some answers.  Here it goes.


I have setup a simple optical system  to acquire an intensity correlated image called ghost imaging by using a CCD camera (BFLY-U3-05S2M-CS) and a single photon counting module(Excelitas SPCM-AQ4C).

CCD was directly coupled with PC through USB 3.0 cable. In contrast, SPCM was transmitted its signal through BNC-2121 and PCI-6602.


To simultaneously acquire the intensity correlated data between an image from CCD and intensity of voltage signal from SPCM, they should be synchronized through trigger mode.

I was attempt to make CCD directly triggered with SPCM, but unfortunately it did not work well.

So I used an external trigger signal from function generator and tied it with both CCD and SPCM.


Object of this code: 

CCD and SPCM should acquire data in certain time range (e.g. 0~ 500us, 500~1000us, ....)  and save each data in loop.




I attached my VI. 


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks a lot!



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Hey Jun,


I noticed that this was sitting here for a while.

Were you able to solve the issue somehow or not yet?


Have you checked the manual of NI Machine Vision?

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