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Missing "SetExternalCanvasCallback" entry point in nivissvc.dll

Hello dear community,


we stumbled across an error that we cannot resolve after trying everything. A customer ordered a NI-1437 PCIe CameraLink grabber card to grab some images from a line scan camera. The software for image processing will be custom, so we only need the library for image acquisition.


We understand that the support for .NET was deprecated, but we would really like to get this working with the released opensource .NET examples hosted on:


We followed all instructions, the camera is recognized but the example application Grab crashes in the following code section:

// Enumerate available cameras
ImaqdxCameraInformation[] cameraList = ImaqdxSystem.GetCameraInformation(true);
foreach (ImaqdxCameraInformation camInfo in cameraList)
cameraComboBox.SelectedIndex = cameraList.Length > 0 ? 0 : -1;

// Set up image viewer
VisionImage image = new VisionImage(); // Here it crashes


The issue: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: 'Unable to find an entry point named 'SetExternalCanvasCallback' in DLL 'nivissvc.dll'.'

We tried different Vision Development modules versions but results were the same.


Has anyone ever come across this issue? How can it be resolved without the use of official C++ code examples that are working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you and best regards

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I have the same issue.


Could you find an answer to your question?


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Are you building as 64-bit/AnyCPU? I’m not sure this .NET interface was ever updated to properly support 64-bit processes.

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That is not the problem I tried both ways.

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