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How to connect a BALLUFF BIS_L RFID reader to Vision Builder via Ethernet/IP



I got a project using a Balluff BIS_L RFID reading system together with VBAI2015. I want to connect the two components via Ethernet/IP. Has someone got an idea how to do this? I'm not experienced in Ethernet/IP yet.


best regards,



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Hi Klaus,


I have never used the device which you mentioned in your post, but it is not difficult to use Ethernet/IP for the communication.

If you create an inspection in VBAI, you can chose the menu item Tools >> Communication Device Manager. You have to add your device to the connection manager and start/configurate the Ethernet/IP communication.


There is an example available for the communication with an PLC, but you can reuse at last the configuration section for VBAI.


Setting up Implicit Ethernet/IP messaging between an Omron PLC and Vision Builder AI - National Instruments


Regards, Stephan

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thanks for your reply. I can't copy the instructions mentioned at the linked page to my project. I got a L5K file along with the Balluff reader, which can be imported in Vision Builder to define the nessessary data tags. But this doesn't work.


The L5K file is attached to this post.





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