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"Lookout 3.5" manual??????

Hello I am wondering if a manual is available for LookOut!!! 3.5  I have a small job that I will need to program an existing Lookout app and I have never used it before.  The company has the book but I thought maybe there might be a pdf available??  Thanks guys!  Dana.

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This is the manual for 4.0



Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Thank you very much,but is there a manual for 3.5?  Or is 4.0 similar enough?



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I don't find the 3.5 manual on website. But I think you can use the 4.0 manual instead.


You can also search the lookout folder for pdf file. If 3.5 has the pdf manual, it should be in the lookout folder.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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I have searched 3.5 but didn't find any docs.  Anyhow, I think 4.0 might work? More than likely I will post specific qustions if I can't figure the details out on my own. I think it's great that you are trying to help. Do you work for NI?

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Oh I see... you do work for NI.  That's great!!

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