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Hi there,


I am converting lookout 3.8 version lookout software to 6.7.1. In lookout 3.8, we have a batch file that accepts the command line parameters, extracts the valid data from the lookout database using "ald2csv.exe" or "evd2csv.exe" which come with the lookout application and starts the visual program that will modify the spreadsheet based on the parameters. Also, the excel file that is used as the default spreadsheet contains a macro named " macro 1" that modifies the column parameters.


My questions is: What .exe's file do we need to use instead of " ald2csv.exe" & "evd2csv.exe" in Lookout 6.7.1? ald2csv.exe" & "evd2csv.exe are compatible with only Windows 98; Windows 95; Windows NT. Right now, when i execute the run object in lookout, it creates a blank file with no data.  Please see the attached batch file.


My goal is to create alarms and events reports and save it on daily, monthly and yearly basis using the existing code.


I would highly appreciate for your feedback.




Best Rad



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What version of windows are you using? I think Lookout is only supported up to windows 2000

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