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Where to find the OPC file generated by 6.7.1 ?

Where do I find the file 6.7.1 generates for the OPC Client? I will need to transfer it to the clients PC when I deliver the Lookout code. I have found the most receint file is called "default.opf" in C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NI OPC Servers\2013\ But I also have a file I generated in Documents\2013\ with a name I created. It is not as current unless I do a "save as" from the OPC Server Runtime. Which of these should I copy to the clients pc? And where? Any help appreciated!
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I think I've found it... It was hiding in plain sight in the same folder I save my Lookout files. It has an amalgum name made up by the software itself I guess from the whole project (I don't recognize the name as being something I created, but maybe back when I did make it). It has the extension ".ods", and it is a fairly large file and current according to the date/time stamp so I'm hopefull copying it together with my Lookout files to the clients pc will do the trick. I will make a dummy run of this to confirm before everything is ready to go.
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This was a false lead. So far the only way to save the file is "save as". Save does not work. The file continues to be called "default" and is hidden away in the Win 10 folders. Wish there was some documentation about this.
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