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Upgrade for Lookout 5.0

Talked to a Chris on the phone just now and he reccomended that I send an

e-mail to this team for info….Basically  we are using Lookout 5.0    serial


J12X32908…liscensed to E.J. Pitre for the company Electrical Specialties.


are right at 50 I/O right now. This license is for 200 i/o…But we need an

communication upgrade to generate cell phone text messages as well as up


to a new computer with Wndows 8 or 10…Can you guys give me a price


for the upgrade???

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I would suggest finding your local NI sales representative and ask them for pricing.

If you are in California try Sage Designs.

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Sage Designs does not do Lookout anymore, and likely no new project should.


Sage is now a Schneider shop recommending ClearSCADA, which is a great product.


Recommended researching an alternative, Lookout is not supported on any platform past 8.1 and even then there have been no fixes or patches released in over 4 years.


Good luck,


Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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You can contact local sales engineer, I believe they will give you detailed informaton.
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