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Upgrade Lookout from 6.0 to 6.1

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Dumb question I am sure, but should I upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1?  What is the difference?  I have some network issues with my 6.0 machine that I don't have on the 6.1 machine and am wondering if 6.1 changed something in networking?



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There is no big difference in the networking. But the networking you mean may be related to the Citadel database? There are some improvements in the Citadel database.

The biggest advantage of 6.1 is the Vista support.

But the current version is 6.2, which was released yesterday. Check it here.


I'm not sure if you should upgrade the Lookout, it depends on what kind of feature you need. Lookout 6.2 integrated the NI OPC Server that better supports a wide range of PLCs. But if you concern your current networking problem, I think we'd better first look at your networking problem first.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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I went ahead and upgraded to 6.1 just to be consistent.  It did not help fix my problem though.  I guess the problem really is a Citadel network problem.  Let me know if I should repost this on a new thread.  Here is what is happening:


We have Lookout 6.1 development/server installed on 4 computers(I will call them A,B,C,D).  From any of the 4 computers, you can go into MAX and select Historical Data, Citadel Universe, then in the right window pick network and you can see all 4 computers.  If you select and expand A, B, or C,  you can see their databases and the traces.  If you select D computer, the icon gets a red x in it and it says that it is unable to connect to the service.  From computer D, you can select the D database and all is working well.


Windows Firewall is turned off on all PCs.  What services, programs, permissions, etc must be running on the server PC for the database to be available from the network?  I should note that I had an SQL error when I first rebooted after upgrade yesterday.  I rebooted again and did not get any errors.  Should MSSQL be running?  It is on computer 4.

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I have a little more information and found out that the computer name that is showing on the machine is not really its current computer name.  Somehow, sometime ago the computer name was changed.  However Lookout still thinks it is the old name.  In lookout or citadel, if you select universe you can see My Computer or Network.  Next to My Computer in brackets is the computer name.  In this case, it is the incorrect old name.  How do I change this?  Where does it get this name?
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Accepted by topic author capsuleguy

Open Lookout and go to Options>>system. You can change the computer name from that dialog box. I had to do the same thing before in the past. 

Jason Phillips
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I've got a V6.1 system going at one plant, and we are wanting to upgrade to the current version (V6.2) does anyone know if this is a 'free' upgrade?
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NI doesnt usually do free upgrades.  Patches and fixes yes, not version numbers.



Mike Crabtree - Lead Developer
Destek of Nevada, Inc. / Digital Telemetry Systems, Inc.
(866) 964-6948 / (760) 247-9512
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If you have the "SSP", you can upgrade the software for free in the SSP period. You'd better call NI to check it out.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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