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Table/DDE vs hardware networking

I've been trying the DDE/Datatable method of networking as outlined in Appendix E of the Lookout Developer's Manual. I have had minimal success with this, which brings me to the question: why is this method preferable to only using symbolic links? Also, are there any example files out there?

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I guess the method is not preferable, but is legacy.
It was available LONG before symbolic links and was a good way to get multiple links by using the DDETable function in Windows (which was much faster than the DDELink option which would have a connection overhead per link).

Its real easy to get it to work with Excel, I have never got it to work with anything else!

Do you want to use Excel?

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Ok - for some reason the appendix suggests that its preferable to using symbolic links - I do not need excel to talk to lookout right now - thanks.
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