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Pushbuttons on Lookout Panel appear to stick

I have two applications running for a particular customer.  The Lookout software is loaded onto a Siemens Industrial PC that is a keyboard driven machine (not a touch screen) and operating Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.


The pushbuttons on this application appear to "stick" in the down position.  When the cursor is placed over the button and the left mouse button is clicked, the button will appear to "depress" and stay that way even though the mouse button is no longer being held down.  If I look at my the data inside my PLC (Siemes S7-414H redundant processor), the tag for the button will still be reading a "1" instead of a zero.


I am using an OPC Server (Helmholz []) for the communication between the PLC and the Industrial PC using the MPI port on the processor.  Everything else appears to be working correctly on the unit except for occassionally having this problem of the buttons becoming "stuck".


Is there any way to prevent this from happening?  Does any one know what the cause of this problem could be?


Best Regards,

John J. Blaser

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If the pushbutton is connected to a remote source, which you said it is OPC, the remote source is holding the value at 1.

If it is not remote source, that is a problem.

Mike Crabtree - Lead Developer
Destek of Nevada, Inc. / Digital Telemetry Systems, Inc.
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