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Lookout Activation - Registration Issue



  I have a customer running on Lookout 6.1 Build 27. The computer is starting to fail and we are replacing it. I have successfully installed Lookout 6.1 Build 27 on the new computer and registered my serial number but I am not getting all the included features that my customer purchased? It is a Lookout system Development/Runtime License with 500 I/O points limited to 4 Client Connections. On my newly registered computer I am missing the 4 Client connections? Which we run 3 clients on this system. I have tried calling NI and was given the whole Lookout is handled in China I must email support there which I have done several times with no response! I feel this is more of an activation issue than Lookout that could be handled by tech support here in the states but they will not let me speak to anyone in activation. So I am hoping someone from NI can assist me through the forum to get this resolved. I need to find a fix A.S.A.P. to keep this system up and running. I have pasted a screenshot of the original license info and also the new computers licensing info missing the 4 client connection below to prove that they indeed purchase the licenses originally. I have blacked out a few digits of the serial number because I did not think it would be a good idea to post the entire serial number. I will be happy to provide the entire serial number upon request to NI.


Thank You



Original Computer License:



New Computer License:



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The client license is a separate serial number.  The registration process is the same, but you select the Options pull down, System, then press the "Activate Client License" button to enter the key. 

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Thank you very much!


It has been many years since I installed this system and forgot about the "Client Activation Button" under Options\System! I could not find my Client License Serial number but I called NI and believe it or not they were able to retrieve it for me. I am in good shape now!



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