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Invalid arguments to Citadel database?

I am trying to create a new lookout panel and can't read any of my fieldpoint devices.  Looking at the alarms I get an "invalid arguments" error message that I've attached.


Any ideas?  I'm running Vista Ultimate x64.  Thanks, mcbInvalid Database Argument.jpg

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They are two different problems. The alarm on database logging has nothing to do with the fieldpoint communication.


Which object do you use, FieldPoint or OPCFieldPoint? If you use FieldPoint, which slot and channel you want to read, and which address of FieldPoint object do you use? First make sure the configuration of FieldPoint is correct, then make sure if you use the correct address.

What's the alarm you get on FieldPoint?


The error in screenshot is about the database. Please open MAX, select Historical Data->CItadel 5 Universe, make sure that the database already exists. Check if you have access permission on the database folder. The Vista system may have the permission problem.


What's the g12_26 object?

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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